The company ABK KLÍMA KOŠICE is glad to be in favour of the professional audience which the company received during the bkt.summit ONLINE CONFERENCE. Our contribution was in the specialists’ part, which can be viewed from the archive, after the registration via the attached link.

The most beautiful reward of our company policy aimed at the support of employees is the perception of work, company values and ABC KLÍMA BRAND as a part of family life. This is what an invitation to our employee´s jubilee celebration looks like in the eyes of his son.

The works on Košice football arena continue in next phases. We think of thousands of fans full of emotion and dedication, but also of the sportsmen for whom we are preparing a perfect climate for the best sports performance.

The end of 2019 was once again about our traditional happening ´Christmas event´. Its third year was once again an opportunity for us to thank our clients for their trust and favour. I hope it was, for all of us, an opportunity to calm down before Christmas. Let´s remember together the Christmas wishes. We believe that despite the uneasy situation, they will fully come true. You can watch them in the following video.

It does not happen every day, however, if the situation needs it, aviation technology turns up. Such kind of installation can surely take us out of everyday routine ?.
The aviation works themselves are only the peak of a long-term preparation. Carrying capacity of aviation technology is limited and often, like in this case, insufficient, given the weight of the device itself. The company ABC KLÍMA KOŠICE, together with the manufacturer of cooling equipment, designed a specially modified chiller with the view of a maximum reduction of its weight. Yet, it was necessary to partly disassemble the device, and after its successful placement on the position, to reassemble, test a commission it.
It is interesting that the investor (OPTIMA shopping centre) had a demand for a device with the possibility of free cooling, as they have tenants whose operation requires cooling also in the transition period and in winter. It is the investor’s wise decision to effectively use the suitable conditions (low environment temperature) to minimise their operational costs and moto-hours of the chiller´s compressor. We are glad to be a part of such installations.

A short video recording of an exceptional event.

At the end of 2018, the company ABC KLÍMA KOŠICE decided to thank their clients for their trust and favour. The experience from Christmas Event 2017 has remained in our memory as an experience from a meeting with friends and culture proven for years.
This is why we decided to follow up on this event. It was organised in the Hotel Lomnica again and the evening was full of art. If you want to know more or look back on the evening, please continue…

Hotel Lomnica Gallery Tour
We focused on the selection of authors portraying the archaic signs of Slovakness, patriarchal values, significance of family, work or archetypes of countryside material culture.

Authors: Mousson, Mednyánszky, Hála, Benka, Bukovinský, Augusta, Križan, Mallý, Laluha, Krivoš, Hložník, Bazovský, Medvecká, Weiner-Kráľ, Kompánek, Čundrlík, Alexy

Spiritual works of Masters
In the parish church of St. Peter and Paul (Nový Smokovec), the soloists from St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Košice presented the repertoire from the works of old masters (G. Caccini, J. Clarke, A. Vivaldi, G. F. Händel, J. S. Bach, G. Galuppi, C. Franck, F. Schubert, a A. Dvořák).

Musicians: Krisztian Kokolusz – vocals, Igor Klema, baroque trumpet, Ján Fic and Viliam Gurbaľ, organ

Concert in the café
Štefan Štec sang, with his unique voice, the songs you know from the folklore show Zem spieva (the Earth is singing) but he performed some new songs, as well. A part of the concert was performed by Ľudová hudba Hornád (Folklore music Hornád) with its frontman Dominik Maniak, who prepared several original arrangements.

Degustation dinner in Sissi restaurant
A six-course degustation masterpiece by the chef Tomáš Levý was truly a gastronomic highlight.

The second phase of EcoPoint is successfully approved and ABC KLÍMA KOŠICE was there again. EcoPoint is the greenest administrative building in Slovakia which was awarded several prizes for the quality of created working environment and low operational costs.

In the case of a concept of concrete core tempering, a huge part of our work becomes a part of rough construction, which will, besides other advantages, significantly speed up and simplify the construction process.

Today, also our heating workers have reached an important milestone – making the building reach the roof level. A little celebration together with concrete and iron workers is therefore justified. Glajcha – a tree decorated by ribbons – is at this occasion placed to the highest point of the building and represents and old symbol of luck and protection of a house and its residents, a symbol of successful completion of rough building.