Chiller installation by a helicopter

It does not happen every day, however, if the situation needs it, aviation technology turns up. Such kind of installation can surely take us out of everyday routine ?.
The aviation works themselves are only the peak of a long-term preparation. Carrying capacity of aviation technology is limited and often, like in this case, insufficient, given the weight of the device itself. The company ABC KLÍMA KOŠICE, together with the manufacturer of cooling equipment, designed a specially modified chiller with the view of a maximum reduction of its weight. Yet, it was necessary to partly disassemble the device, and after its successful placement on the position, to reassemble, test a commission it.
It is interesting that the investor (OPTIMA shopping centre) had a demand for a device with the possibility of free cooling, as they have tenants whose operation requires cooling also in the transition period and in winter. It is the investor’s wise decision to effectively use the suitable conditions (low environment temperature) to minimise their operational costs and moto-hours of the chiller´s compressor. We are glad to be a part of such installations.

A short video recording of an exceptional event.